Belgrade Essentials tour
Price from: 35€

Belgrade Essentials tour

Explore all of Belgrade highlights in 3 hours tour with our local guide

Guided E Scooter tour of Belgrade Essentials is an excellent way to get to know the city especially if you’re first time in Belgrade or if you are short on time.


Our tour focuses on must visit sightseeing locations in Belgrade


Start your day by learning about Belgrade’s rich history by visiting some of the most famous attractions in city.

Explore Belgrade from a fresh perspective and most comfortable way – cruising on E Scooters around city.

As the crossroads between East and West for centuries, Belgrade guards a hundreds of secrets and interesting stories.

Our Belgrade Essentials tour is your key to unlocking the city’s stories, revealing its well-guarded secrets and introducing you to the vibrant people who call it home.

The ancient history of Belgrade comes to life in every street, building, monument, and attraction, patiently awaiting discovery by newcomers eager to listen and carry its legacy forward.

Join us as we weave through millennia-old tales, ensuring that the heart of Belgrade’s history lives on through the voices of those who hear and share its stories.


Why Belgrade Essentials tour?

Belgrade’s old town is its most atmospheric district, and this 3-hour long e-Scooter tour will take you to all the biggest highlights.

Explore Belgrade’s historic center and top attractions including:

  • Belgrade Fortress
  • Church of Saint Sava
  • Kralja Milana historical street
  • Tasmajdan park with St. Mark church
  • Republic Square and much more


This is ideal tour for first-time visitors of Belgrade or those short on time
Choice of private or small-group tour with limited number of people ensures a personalized experience
Enjoy a stress-free E-Scooter ride

Our E-Scooter tour will take you away from the crowded bus tours to give you the most comfortable and unique point of view of Belgrade’s life, beautiful baroque architecture, cobblestone streets, secrets of Belgrade’s Fortress, and remainings of Jewish, Ottoman, Hungarian and Austrian civilizations in our city.

Book a tour directly via phone

+381 60 607 6007

Tour rules:

1. Respect the guide and fellow participants: Pay attention to the instructions and information provided by the guide during the tour. Respect other tour participants and their desire to enjoy the experience.

2. Do not leave the group without the guide’s permission: To maintain safety and organization during the tour, it is important to stay with the group and follow the route chosen by the guide. Leaving the group without permission may lead to getting lost or other unwanted situations.

3. Maintain cleanliness and preserve the environment: Please maintain cleanliness during the tour and preserve the natural and urban environment through which you pass. Do not leave litter behind and respect local environmental conservation rules.

4. Be prepared for tour activities: Before embarking on the tour, ensure that you are physically prepared for the planned activities. Wear appropriate gear and footwear and be ready for various weather conditions.

5. Show respect for local culture and customs: While exploring new areas, be aware of and respect local customs, beliefs, and codes of conduct. Show respect for the local population and their culture throughout the tour.